How to Use Astronaut Projector

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First Step after unboxing and charging is to turn on the power switch on the base first, Turn on Bluetooth Button and then turn on the power switch on the backpack or remote.

Before using remote make sure you have inserted two AAA batteries (not included in the package) and are working correctly.

How to use Astro Projector

Instructions For the Base:

  • The Base of the astronaut space capsule is a Bluetooth speaker, which can be connected to Bluetooth to play music
  • When playing music, you need to connect Bluetooth first, turn on the Bluetooth of the space capsule and the mobile phone, and select XKD01 for pairing. After the pairing is successful, you can use your mobile phone to play music.


  • When Not in use, please press the power switch to turn it off to avoid battery power consumption
  • The base of the projector cannot be charged, it can only be charged using the power socket on the astronaut backpack. The charging time usually takes 3 to 6 hours to fully charge. Do not use the starlight when charging
  • The Light source of stars and nebulae is so strong (when put in max gear) that the eyes should not look directly at the light source
  • The Brightness of the stars (i.e. the laser brightness) is affected by the ambient temperature and time of use. When the ambient temperature is hot or the power time is longer, the brightness of the laser will decrease due to the heat of the light source. At this time, just turn off the laser and let the laser transmitter dissipate heat. (The heat dissipation time usually takes more than 15 minutes). The brightness can be restored after turning on the machine.
  • The head and body of the astronaut are connected together by magnets, and the direction of the head can be adjusted. Do not stretch your head and body forcefully otherwise the wires may break due to stretching


Host Key Operation Instructions: (Back of Astronaut Projector)


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