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Toddler bed rails

Great service. Super happy with purchase

A great purchase very happy

Now your going to smile when you read this but I didn’t buy it to keep kids safe I brought it to keep my 2 fat Labradors of the bed at night I tried everything to keep them of yes I could of locked them out but then they bark all night so I looked around for something and came across the dreamguard it fits perfectly my queen bed is extremely well made the instructions are not the best but after putting one side together the other 2 were very easy I give it 10/10 and if you want to keep the kids or dogs safe its exactly what you need

mostly great

Loving the lift up option so far, it's been great to sleep close to baby, then pull down to safely co sleep.
The instructions could have been better for constructing the last section, a bit of guess-work. And they should explicitly explain that two short bars need to be removed to be able to use the pull up/pull down function.
I've also added a pool noodle myself to remove the risk of crack.

Queen bed rails

I bought this as I co-sleep with my son. It's pretty easy to install, had a few issues with the corners that go under the mattress, but was sorted out easily. It's definitely made me sleep easier, knowing my son won't come off the bed.

Good product - excellent service

The product is as described, however the service to proactively review my order and propose an alternative to save us money was unexpected and above and beyond. Very Satisfied.

Great head protection

Effective " bumper" for little James while crawling head first into cupboards and tables. Good for peace of mind.

Took too long to arrve

Hi Robin,

Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to leave a review.

We understand your frustration with the delayed arrival of your order, and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. Your order was part of a pre-order batch, which unfortunately led to a longer wait time.

However, once the item was dispatched from our warehouse, Australia Post delivered it within three days, which is quite efficient. We truly appreciate your honest feedback and will work to improve our pre-order processes to prevent such delays in the future.

Thank you for your understanding and for being a valued customer.

Best regards,
BabiesMart Team.

Super helpful for breastfeeding parents, it gives me peace of mind having baby so close to me while also practicing safe sleep.
Not suggested for anyone with a cushionie mattress, such as a microfoam, because that could create unsafe sleep. If you have a harder mattress I recommend this product.
However, the instructions weren't great but the video was, highly recommend watching it during the setup.
We have a king size mattress, and with it down it gives my husband and I about the size of a full/queen(ish) size bed to sleep on, which is great with us but just fyi.
I also love that it has little holders on the side so it can be lifted completely when not being used.
It's a good replacement of my traditional bassinet, just be sure to keep all blankets/pillows out and to make it as tight as possible under the bed to create a tight seal between the bed and the frame by following instructions thoroughly.

Extra layer of protection

Baby always starts off in his crib at night and we try to keep it that way. But after 4-5 times of night waking we bring him to bed with us. It provides an added sense of security that we would not roll on him, he will not pull the blankets on him or he won’t fall off the bed.

This is not intended to be used as a play pen, or a container while awake. It is to be strictly used for sleep while in close proximity.

It’s sturdy, easy to maneuver with the buttons, easy to put together - took me less than 20 mins, functional, baby enjoys it.

As always - do you own research for safe sleep methods that work best for your family.

It is very handy keeps my baby in. It needs improving though. The zip broke first time I opened it to ensemble. Yesterday the bit that moves up and down got stuck. It needs something to hold it while you put ur baby down. Overall it does the job the not very good quality, I rate it 6.5/10


I love it but too flimsy

Hi Flora,

Thank you for your kind words about our Toddly DreamGuard Bed Rails. We're delighted you love them. It sounds like tightening the screws might make them even sturdier. We also offer a fourth bed rail option that provides extra stability, especially for those trickier bed types.

We've already reached out to you to discuss this and ensure your setup is perfect, we're here to guarantee many peaceful nights ahead!

Warm regards,
The BabiesMart Team

Completely wrong colour

Completely wrong colour. Did not receive midnight sapphire but sky blue. A lot of the bars were bent and one plastic connector was split but all still usable, fiddly to put together even harder to pull apart if you make a mistake. Quite sturdy once assembled overall nice play pen but wish the colour was different

In love!

Super comfortable to wear! Love the way it looks and feels! Just got this belt at 35 weeks pregnant & really wish I would have bought sooner. Definitely is a game changer with the way I do things, definitely makes it a lot easier and having a lots less round ligament pain now! Very happy with product!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with our pregnancy belt! We're thrilled to hear that it has brought you comfort and relief at 35 weeks pregnant. It's wonderful to know that it's made a significant difference in your daily routine and in managing round ligament pain. We appreciate your support and are so glad you found our product beneficial. Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy journey!
- The BabiesMart Team

Works for me great

It's been 2 months now, since I started to use it, I 28 weeks now, it took me couple days to find the best position for pillows but now I can't imagine sleep without it. Gives me support that I need, prevent of rolling on my back, super soft and pleasant to touch.

We’re so grateful for your feedback on our pregnancy pillow! It’s wonderful to hear that after two months of use, and at 28 weeks along, you’ve found the comfort and support you need for a good night’s sleep. Finding the perfect pillow position can indeed take a little adjustment, but we're thrilled it has become an indispensable part of your rest routine, preventing you from rolling onto your back and providing the softness and support essential during pregnancy.
- The BabiesMart Team

It. Is. Perfect.

I am 21 weeks pregnant and was getting the worst sleep of my life. A friend gave me a gigantic pregnancy pillow and it was just too huge for my smaller frame and made me more sore. I figured sleep was just out of the question now and until who knows when. I am still dumbfounded how this pillow has so drastically affected my sleep for the better, I mean it is NIGHT AND DAY. I still wake up pinching myself, hoping that it wasn’t just a temporary help that will soon stop working, but it’s going strong for naps and night time! It’s the perfect size, feels like a hug, and I don’t have to move anything when I change sides! It helps me not sleep on my back which is great. If you’re particular about keeping your body in alignment and don’t like bulky pillows, this is the one for you. I was super skeptical on the price, but so would’ve paid 10 times the money for the sleep I’m now getting. Also, my dog out his muddy paws on my pillow, it did not come dirty 😂

Thrilled to hear our pregnancy pillow significantly improved your sleep at 21 weeks! It's wonderful it offers the right size and support, making side changes effortless and keeping you in alignment. So glad it’s been a game-changer for your rest. Thanks for sharing your experience!
- The BabiesMart Team

I LOVE this pillow!

This pillow is amazing for night time nursing sessions with my baby. I have tried the boppy (too big), the breastfriend pillow (annoying to wrap behind you while holding baby), and a basic bed pillow (goes flat during feeding. This select a height style pillow is genius and doesn't go flat. I feed on the left, lift baby to burp, flip two pillows to the right then feed on the right... so simple! Amazing. Thank you

Thank you for your fantastic review, Kelsey! We're delighted to hear our breastfeeding pillow has significantly improved your nighttime nursing sessions. It's great to know the select-a-height feature meets your needs so well. We appreciate your support and the time you took to share your experience. Your feedback helps us and other mothers in choosing the right support during such a special journey.
- The BabiesMart Team

Great Play Mat for Kiddos

Quality of product is great. My granddaughter
Loves it.
I am happy about my decision to got it. The size is precisely 👌, easy to assemble, soft.
I recommend it

Thank you for your positive review, Sarah! We're so pleased to hear that your granddaughter loves the baby play mat and that you found it to be of great quality, easy to assemble, and perfectly sized. Your recommendation means a lot to us and helps other families make informed decisions. We're glad you're happy with your decision to choose our product.
- The BabiesMart Team

Cool Car!

The first impression - Comes in a nice colorful packaging with everything well arranged. I liked this RC car for its enormous stunt possibility and the fun that comes along with it. Response works fine and is easy to use. Build quality is great and the car looks nice. The motor is very powerful and it is fun to control via the remote or hand gesture device. It can be a great gifting option to teens who are into racing. For the price, I am satisfied with it overall & I can recommend this. It delivers a lot for the price

Thank you, Sarah, for your detailed review of our remote control car! We're thrilled to hear your first impressions were positive, especially regarding the colorful packaging and the fun stunt capabilities of the car. It's great to know you found the response, build quality, and power of the motor to meet your expectations. We appreciate your recommendation and agree that it makes a fantastic gift for racing enthusiasts. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're delighted to provide value for the price. Thanks again for sharing your experience.
- The BabiesMart Team

Love it!

I liked the mat. I bought it for my grandchildren to play with. The quality looks good and they fell in love with it.

Thank you for your review! We're so glad to hear that you liked the baby play mat and that it's a hit with your grandchildren. It's wonderful to know that the quality meets your expectations and that it's bringing joy to your family. We appreciate your support and are thrilled to be a part of your grandchildren's playtime.
- The BabiesMart Team

Jadwiga Panek


Excellent service. Ordered a baby gate, arrived promptly and was very happy with purchase. Just as advertised.

Thank you for your feedback, Eddy! We're delighted to hear about your positive experience with our service and your satisfaction with the baby safety gate. It's great to know it arrived promptly and met your expectations just as advertised. We strive to provide quality products and efficient service, so your review is very much appreciated.
- The BabiesMart Team

Very easy to assemble

Very sturdy.

Thank you for your feedback, Cathy! We're pleased to hear that our bed rails were easy to assemble and met your expectations for sturdiness. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience.
- The BabiesMart Team

Toddly GuardMate Baby-Safe Adjustable Baby Safety Gate for my pupppy

Very good price and fast delivery. Very easy to install. So far there are no problems and it is doing the job very well. Really pleased with purchase.

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the Toddly GuardMate Baby Safety Gate, Annemarie! We're delighted to hear that you found it to be well-priced, quickly delivered, and easy to install. It's great to know it's serving its purpose effectively for your puppy. Your satisfaction with your purchase is our top priority, and we appreciate your feedback.
- The BabiesMart Team

On time and on Budget . Well done

Thank you for your review, Brett! We're glad to hear that your experience with our bubble toys was both on time and on budget. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we're pleased to have met your expectations.
- The BabiesMart Team