Top 10 Most Popular Baby boy Names

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Here are the top 10 Most Popular and most trending Australian Baby Boy Names in 2021:

A tough List to grow through as many names were trending to crawl on top for example after remaining on top spot for many years, Oliver name was finally bought down by Noah which is becoming trendier and trendier among boys names.

Not only in babies but puppies are also being named noah increasing popularity of the name everywhere.

Beforehand back in 2015-2019 surnames were popular with names such as Jackson and Hudson, parker and cooper steadily increasing popularity as well. Short names gaining popularity from Theodore to theo, alfie and archie also amongst the popular names. 

We have put a top 10 according to the various data sources from Australian government websites which are:

Top 10 Names Consideration
01. Noah Thomas
02. Oliver  Mason
03. William Aiden
04. Leo Toby
05. Jack Edward
06. Lucas Caleb
07. Liam Oscar
08. Henry Levi
09. Charlie
10. James