Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow - Babies Mart Australia
Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow
pregnancy & maternity  Support Pillow
Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow - Babies Mart Australia
Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow - Babies Mart Australia
Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow
Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow
Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow
Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow - Babies Mart Australia
Belly Bands Maternity Belt Pregnancy Support With Straps
Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow - Babies Mart Australia
Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow - Babies Mart Australia
best pregnancy pillows
Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow
Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow
Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow - Babies Mart Australia
Toddly Nursing Pillow Breastfeeding & Feeding Cushion Comfort & Support
Sleeping Nursing Support Pillow
Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow - Babies Mart Australia
Nursing Support Pillow
Pregnancy, Maternity Support Pillow
Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow
Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow
Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow - Babies Mart Australia
Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow
Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy
Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow

Toddly SnuggleMate - Pregnancy, Maternity & Nursing Support Pillow

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Color: Tranquil Green

Serene Grey
Blushing Pink
Tranquil Green
H/U-Shape Platinum Grey
H/U-Shape Pink Elk
H/U-Shape Green Dot
Luxe Cream Grande

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Introducing the Toddly SnuggleMate Collection, designed to be your ultimate companion for maternity comfort. This collection includes three uniquely crafted pillows, each tailored to meet the changing needs of expectant mothers. Experience unparalleled support, adaptability, and advanced material technology with the SnuggleMate range.

Why Choose Toddly SnuggleMate Pregnancy Pillow?

1. Classic Toddly SnuggleMate Pregnancy Pillow

  • Size & Material: Standard (30 x 60 cm), a perfect blend of bamboo and polyester fibers.
  • Features: Versatile for maternity, nursing, and postpartum. It’s skin-friendly, easy to clean, and provides consistent comfort.
  • Ideal for: Daily use, offering reliable support throughout pregnancy and nursing.

2. Toddly SnuggleMate H-Shape Pregnancy Pillow (Best Seller)

  • Size & Material: Large (60 x 80 cm) crafted from soft polyester fibre.
  • Features: Innovative adjustable Velcro design for H and U-shaped configurations, providing targeted support for various body areas.
  • Ideal for: Adapting to body changes, offering focused support for the abdomen, back, and legs.

3. Toddly SnuggleMate Mega Pregnancy Pillow with UMORFIL Technology

  • Size & Material: X-Large (70 x 120 cm), featuring revolutionary UMORFIL Bionic fibers.
  • Features: Luxurious comfort, hypoallergenic, anti-irritation, and superior moisture management.
  • Ideal for: Comprehensive body support, enhanced skincare benefits, and eco-friendliness.

Experience the Luxe Comfort with Toddly SnuggleMate Mega Pillow

  • Ultimate Comfort: Generous dimensions packaged in a 50x40x40 cm box, crafted with exceptional materials for unparalleled support.
  • Luxurious Features: Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and perfect for those who seek premium comfort.

What Makes Toddly SnuggleMate Different?

  • Advanced Design: Tailored to support the changing needs of expectant mothers.
  • Premium Materials: High-quality, skin-friendly fabrics with superior moisture-wicking properties.
  • Eco-Conscious Choice: Sustainable, biodegradable materials that minimize waste.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Customizable support to enhance your comfort during all stages of pregnancy.

Choosing Your Perfect SnuggleMate:

  • Assess Your Needs: From the Classic for everyday use to the H-Shape for targeted support and the Mega for comprehensive comfort.
  • Stage of Pregnancy: Each pillow caters to different stages, ensuring optimal support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period.

SnuggleMate Specifications:

  • Materials: Bamboo, polyester fibres, UMORFIL Bionic fibres.
  • Sizes & Colors: Available in various dimensions and soothing colour options.
  • Care Instructions: H-Shape and Mega Luxe Cream pillows are machine washable, while the Classic can be gently hand washable.

Transform Your Maternity Experience with Toddly SnuggleMate

The Toddly SnuggleMate Collection offers more than just maternity pillows, it’s a commitment to providing mothers with unmatched comfort, care, and sustainability. Whether you need adaptable support or a luxurious pillow that pampers your skin and the planet, our range has the perfect solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Toddly SnuggleMate Collection? The Toddly SnuggleMate Collection includes three meticulously designed maternity pillows, each catering to different needs and stages of pregnancy.

Why choose UMORFIL Bionic Fibers? UMORFIL Bionic Fibers are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and provide superior moisture management, enhancing overall comfort.

Which pillow is best for full body support? The Toddly SnuggleMate Mega Pillow with UMORFIL Technology offers comprehensive body support and enhanced skincare benefits.

Can these pillows be used for breastfeeding? Yes, the Classic and Mega Pillows are versatile and ideal for breastfeeding support.

How do I clean my SnuggleMate pillow? The H-Shape Pillow and Mega Luxe Cream are machine washable, while the Classic is gentle hand washable.

Are the SnuggleMate pillows suitable for all stages of pregnancy? Yes, each pillow is designed to cater to different pregnancy stages and postpartum recovery.

What makes the SnuggleMate Collection eco-friendly? Our pillows use sustainable materials like UMORFIL Bionic Fibers, which are biodegradable and minimize waste.

Can I use these pillows for back support? Yes, the H-Shape Pillow is specifically designed to provide targeted back support.

Are these pillows suitable for sensitive skin? Absolutely, the materials used are hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Works for me great

It's been 2 months now, since I started to use it, I 28 weeks now, it took me couple days to find the best position for pillows but now I can't imagine sleep without it. Gives me support that I need, prevent of rolling on my back, super soft and pleasant to touch.

We’re so grateful for your feedback on our pregnancy pillow! It’s wonderful to hear that after two months of use, and at 28 weeks along, you’ve found the comfort and support you need for a good night’s sleep. Finding the perfect pillow position can indeed take a little adjustment, but we're thrilled it has become an indispensable part of your rest routine, preventing you from rolling onto your back and providing the softness and support essential during pregnancy.
- The BabiesMart Team

It. Is. Perfect.

I am 21 weeks pregnant and was getting the worst sleep of my life. A friend gave me a gigantic pregnancy pillow and it was just too huge for my smaller frame and made me more sore. I figured sleep was just out of the question now and until who knows when. I am still dumbfounded how this pillow has so drastically affected my sleep for the better, I mean it is NIGHT AND DAY. I still wake up pinching myself, hoping that it wasn’t just a temporary help that will soon stop working, but it’s going strong for naps and night time! It’s the perfect size, feels like a hug, and I don’t have to move anything when I change sides! It helps me not sleep on my back which is great. If you’re particular about keeping your body in alignment and don’t like bulky pillows, this is the one for you. I was super skeptical on the price, but so would’ve paid 10 times the money for the sleep I’m now getting. Also, my dog out his muddy paws on my pillow, it did not come dirty 😂

Thrilled to hear our pregnancy pillow significantly improved your sleep at 21 weeks! It's wonderful it offers the right size and support, making side changes effortless and keeping you in alignment. So glad it’s been a game-changer for your rest. Thanks for sharing your experience!
- The BabiesMart Team

Mantina Walker
Love it!!

Comfortable and affordable!!

Thank you, Mantina, for your amazing review! We're delighted to know you're happy with your purchase. Your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to serving you again!

- The Team at BabiesMart.

Jana Oueis

It was too small for me despite the extension

We're sorry to hear that the size wasn't right for you. We value customer feedback and have since updated our Snugglemate range to include more varieties and sizes. Thank you for sharing your experience, as it helps us improve. We hope you'll find a better fit with our new options.

- The Team at BabiesMart Australia

Best pregnancy pillow!

Absolutely love my pillow! I've previously used a full body one and nothing I could do would make it comfy as I'm usually a back sleeper and found I would always roll back on my back but with this pillow having that little wedge either side I'm staying on my side and super comfortable from the support on both sides and is the most beautiful material! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much, Nicole, for your fantastic review! We're overjoyed to hear that our pregnancy pillow has provided you with the comfort and support you need, especially as a back sleeper. It's great to know that the design and material are working so well for you. We deeply appreciate your feedback and are thrilled to have made a positive difference in your comfort during pregnancy. Wishing you all the best!

- The Team at BabiesMart Australia.


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